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Saffron is a strange and precious gift to mankind, whose mystery and high price are fully justified by its legendary attributes recognized for over 4000 years. Among the world's many wonderful spices, saffron is unique in its ability to not only add flavor and aroma to food, but also a deep rich color. Saffron threads are harvested by hand plucking of the red stigmas of the Crocus(Sativus L) flower. This a very tedious and painstaking artisan process(known as la monda) and briefly roasted(known as el tueste) over the dying embers of a fire. This process requires about 100,000 flowers to produce a single pound of saffron filaments.
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Pure Mancha Saffron Threads, 1 Ounce Pure Mancha Saffron Threads, 5 Gram Pure Mancha Saffron Threads, 10 Gram
Pure Mancha Saffron Threads, 1 Gram