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Mussini Gourmet trademark was born in the late 90s by the will of Casa Mussini, to offer its Italian and international clients a complete range of typical food of the Italian Cuisine. Already known and appreciated around the world for the quality of its Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Mussini company was able to listen to the market needs, which were to buy Italian top quality products from a trusted brand with consolidated experience in the food industry.

The Mussini philosophy, oriented to the constant pursuit of excellence, located in Mussini Gourmet brand its natural evolution: every product in the range, exactly like the balsamic vinegar that has made Mussini famous, is selected with the maximum attention to the details, with the intention to always offer more to our customers, without compromising our quality. Each new product enriches our identity and adds value to their history, a history of respect for tradition and excellence.

Through their products we want you to discover Italy and the joie de vivre of its people, which is expressed through the passion for good food and conviviality.
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Mussini Gourmet Arrabbiata Tomato Pasta Sauce, 16.9oz (500ml) Mussini Gourmet Napoletana Tomato Pasta Sauce, 16.9oz (500ml) Mussini Gourmet Verdure Tomato Pasta Sauce, 16.9oz (500ml)
Mussini Gourmet Toscana Tomato Pasta Sauce, 16.9oz (500ml)