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Here at M5, we carry two distinctive seafood products from both Chile and Spain. These natural seafood products are particularly suited for the gourmet chef, and even someone who loves to cook will find these marvelous to use. Processing uses the highest of international standards for quality control and the latest technology. They are also captured and produced under strict environmental standards in support of environmental sustainability and species protection.

Gourmet level a can?? Is that even possible? You bet it is! Check out our blog post titled "A Different Kettle of Fish" and read what makes the Spanish seafood from Frinsa so special. Click the Blogger icon on the left to to start reading!
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Frinsa Galician Octopus in Olive Oil from Spain Geomar Gourmet Seafood Chilean Abalone Locos from Chile Geomar Gourmet Seafood Sea Conch Caracoles from Chile
Geomar Chilean Gourmet Seafood Scungilli or sliced Sea Conch