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Here you will find products so unique that they had to go in this Specialty section! From caper berries and olives to bruschettas, if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, you've come to the right place!
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Trentasette Cream of Peppers & Eggplant Pate, 6.35 oz Castellino Mixed Italian Olives, 6.5oz Trentasette Black Olives Pate, 6.35
Trentasette Genovese Pesto Sauce with Truffles, 6.35 oz Trentasette Red Pesto Sauce with Truffles, 6.35 oz Trentasette Classic Genovese Pesto, 6.35 oz
Castellino Olives Bruschetta, 6.5oz Castellino Bell Pepper Bruschetta, 6.5oz Nocellara Olives In Brine with Pits and a Fork
Green Marinated Nocellara Olives with Pits and a Fork, 4.4oz Italian Farmer Style Capers, 6.35 Ounce Castellino Grilled Olives, 6.5oz
Castellino Grilled Artichoke Halves, 6.5oz Italian Sicilian Bruschetta, 6.35 Ounce Italian Caperberries in Brine, 6.35 Ounce
Italian Garlic Bruschetta,  6.35 Ounce Trentasette Red Datterino Tomato in Juice 12.35 oz Trentasette Yellow Datterino Tomato in Juice 12.35 o
Italian Sweet Pistachio Spread, 7.76 Ounce Mussini Pearls with Lemon (1.76oz) Italian Mussini Pearls with Pomegranate (1.76oz)
Italian Mussini Pearls with White Truffle (1.76oz) Mussini Pearls with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (1.76oz)
Canadian Entube Harissa Chili Paste, 3.5 oz (100gm) Indian Curry Entube Chili Paste, 3.5 oz (100gm) Cocoa Tamarind Mole Entube Chili Paste, 3.5 oz (100gm), Pack of 12
Trentasette Farro Grains, 2.2 Lbs Selezione Tartufi Truffle Sauce, 3.2 oz Selezione Tartufi Black Truffle Paste